БГ лев: US dollar to BG lev: exchange rate and currency converter for 30.09.2023 from US dollar to BG lev currency converter and exchange rates from BNB (Bulgarian National Bank) for BG leva (BGN) for date 30.09.2023. offers free modules for your site, modules that you can use to easily output exchange rates from Bulgarian National Bank on your website.

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Foreign Exchange Rates of the Bulgarian lev:

Exchange rate of USD (US dollar) for date: 30.09.2023:

USD - Lev: 1 USD = 1.8558 leva (BGN).
Lev - US dollar: 1 lev = 0.53885117 USD.

Exchange rate of UK pound (GBP) for date: 30.09.2023:

GBP - Lev: 1 GBP = 2.26545 leva (BGN).
Lev - GBP: 1 lev = 0.44141341 GBP.

Exchange rate of EURO (EUR) for date: 30.09.2023:

EUR - Lev: 1 EUR = 1.95583 Leva (BGN)
Lev - EUR: 1 Lev = 0.511292 EUR

US dollar to BG Lev converter:

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BG лев to USD converter:

Leva: =

GBP (UK pound) to BG Lev converter:

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BG Lev to GBP (UK pound) converter:

Leva: =

Our converter will work with the following currencies: US Dollars - USD, British Pound - GBP, Turkish Lira - TRY, Russian Rubla - RUB, Romanian Leu - RON, Euro - EUR.

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